The Job Hunting as an Medical Transcriptionist

After finishing the training on a medical transcription school, you must first attend the on the job  training.

This type of employment can be as achieved on various medical transcription companies offering this type of internship.  You must first send you OJT application to them.  This would practice your skills in looking for a job.

It can be a tedious way of looking of an internship as medical transcriptionist.  Some companies may offer a salary package or some may only give you allowances.  You may not be hired as a medical transcriptionist also, keep that in mind.

Most Nursing Graduates have Medical Transcription in their Curriculum

Medical transcription is somehow a necessity among nursing graduates.  Since the nurses work directly with doctors, they must be equipped how to become a medical transcriptionist.  So most nursing school nowadays include medical transcription in their curriculum.  The work of a medical transcriptionist does not only include audio transcription in a hospital setup.  Other tasks are being assigned to them and especially for nurses who know how to work as medical transcriptionist, it will be an added advantage.

I received an email from a registered nurse who currently practicing his profession in one of the hospitals in the southern Philippines.  His present level in medical transcription is as a beginner, but he has experience in medical transcription during his college days for which he got his Certificate of Medical Transcription.

The factors that prompted him to pursue a career in medical transcription are his nursing degree and his medical transcription elective in college.  He act…

100 wpm typing speed – Can you transcribe like this?

I used to believe that to be able to get good quality work in doing my medical transcription, I have to be typing way about 100 wpm without errors.  But after that, I started to be frustrated with what I can only achieve.  I am a medical transcriptionist but I can merely type between 35-40 wpm.  I used to not pass job applications because a number of companies require above 60 wpm or higher.  I keep in mind that at one time, I attained 50 wpm in one of my tests and I was very happy.  Although that was not achieved at a one-time test alone because I did that after several attempts; somehow I got used to what I was typing.

I learned to type using the old fashioned type writer.  I then started to learn typing using the computer keyboard doing my undergraduate thesis in college.  I liked using the WordStar at that time.  I never did it the correct way.  I mean, I type not following the correct finger assignment.  Nowadays, fortunately there is Autocorrect in MS Word that I can take advan…

A mother who wants to be productive by starting a career as transcriptionist

Welcome to The Transcriptionists’ Profiles, a series of interviews with people who are working as transcriptionists. My name is Archie, the author/administrator of Transcriptionist Hub. In this article, I will feature my interview with Marian. Welcome Marian to the  interview. Thank you for taking interest of this opportunity. Marian: Thank you Archie:  To start, can you please tell me your current designation or level as a transcriptionist? (e.g. senior MT)? What is your location? Where are you presently connected? Marian: I do not have an experience as a Transcriptionist, but I have worked as Legal Secretary for 7 years. My typing skills would be an advantage to the this position. I am residing in Pasay City . Archie: How long have you been working as a transcriptionist?  How did you start in this profession?   What are the factors that prompted you to pursue a career in this field? Marian:  Like I have mentioned earlier, I do not have an experience as a Transcriptionist but I am willin…

A Student Doing Home Based Audio Transcription

Here at The Transcriptionists Profiles, a series of interviews with people who are working as transcriptionists, we feature all individuals who have somewhat inclination with doing audio transcription.  A student for example is another person who can work as audio transcriptionist.

I once interviewed this first year law student at Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan.  She was a former Business Transcriber and had transcribed a multitude of audio and video files ranging from business conferences to movies.  At that time, she resigned from her job to concentrate on her studies.

She just used the best skills that she has and went for the job that best suited what she got. Since typing and listening is one of her strongest factors, she went with transcribing since it also pays well and not to mention lets you gain some insights from others in the outside world. She immediately applied when a job posting for a transcriptionist was posted and worked there for 6 months before resigning.


Featured i-Yuno Media Group

i-Yuno Media Group is present in 7 countries in the world, mostly in Asia and now seeking to expand their business in Philippines. As a company in the media sector, i-Yuno Media Group is in need of talented transcriptionists and captioners in Philippines.

Transcription Company website:

About the company: i-Yuno Media Group is a dynamic and fastest-growing media localization company in Asia, located in Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and USA. We work with global TV networks such as Discovery, Disney, HBO, Sony and many more.

Services provided: Captions (Television, Internet, Mobile, Live Captioning), Subtitles in 45 languages, Dubbing, Hardware/Software for captioning and subtitling services.

Contact information: Gordon S. Rudd, 3973 Hiney Road, Las Vegas, NV 89102.

Other details: We are currently seeking highly-motivated and talented individuals who share the same vision with us, to BRING THE FUN CLOSER to people all around …

Medical, General, Legal Transcription – Which One?

I asked this question to Yahoo Answers, and this is the only answer I get.

In medical transcription, you are transcribing reports for healthcare professionals particularly doctors, depending on conditions. The hard part will be, for instance, if you do clinic account it will be easy because more than five doctors can be the assigned to you. Style Guide is also simple in doing medical transcription and adapting with doctors is also relaxed. In a hospital setting, you should have lot of experience to do those voice files.

General transcription is an extremely tough work when you compare with medical transcription. Why? Because in medical transcription, if a patient comes with a specific disease, the file will be discussed regarding that disease only. In general transcription, the dictators or doctors speakers can use a number of relations. There is also fast dictation and in some voice files more than one speakers will be there in one voice file. There is a large chance of misperceptio…