There’s No Way But Up to Become an Audio Transcriptionist

For every job seeker, of course, the experience is such a great plus to a resume, but as for me, experience-wise, I had none. When I first stepped the realm of transcription, medical at that, the basic thing I knew that would somehow relate me to the job was that it’s an encoding sort of thing. I had not undergone a short-term transcription course as most of the batch did in the company where I became part of as production team; although, before the real work, we had a two-month training.

Before transcription, I just had encoding and proofreading jobs, but that’s just it. So, on the earlier part of my formal training/evaluation as the transcriptionist (medical), I really did experience ‘real’ headaches listening and deciphering inaudible words and I really would want to cry. During evaluation days, honestly, I was always on the bottom rank as 80% of my co-trainees were graduates of the short-term medical transcription course. Nonetheless, despite such result, I still made it through till the end and became a real transcriptionist, and talking big aside, later I got the salute from my boss for having soared that up in line with transcription.

To encourage individuals who dream and aspire to be transcriptionists, one favorite line my boss had always said was, “There’s no way but up.” Day by day we learn if we want to; every now and then we get knowledge from what we hear and experience. I guess, naturally, we all start from nothing but we can learn especially when we love our work, so with transcription.

About the Contributor: Marivic trained as a medical transcriptionist to attain her goal working on top.