The Ability to Listen Well and Have Excellent Grammar

It has been my pleasure of featuring professionals who work home based as the audio transcriptionist. I am surprised receiving this email from our interview page here on our blog. But yes, time after time, I receive replies and answers from my interview questionnaire. I am a bit occupied now with my office work as the medical transcriptionist, that is why the posts here are not that frequent.

Below is the complete transcript.

Welcome, Ta’aaj to the interview. Thank you for taking the interest of this opportunity.

Ta’aaj: Thank you for having me and you’re welcome.

Archie: To start, can you please tell me your current designation or level as a transcriptionist? (e.g. senior MT)? What is your location? Where are you presently connected?

Ta’aaj: I am intermediate, I live in Lorman, Mississippi, USA and I currently transcribe for on my laptop.

Archie: How long have you been working as a transcriptionist? How did you start in this profession? What are the factors that prompted you to pursue a career in this field?

Ta’aaj: I have been working as a transcriptionist for just a few months. I was online trying to find a job when one of my friends told me about transcription. I tried it out and discovered that it was something I enjoyed doing, so I began to pursue a career in transcription.

Archie: Which do you prefer: to work home based or in an office setting? Please explain briefly.
Ta’aaj: Home based because it’s quieter. This is a trait that comes in handy whenever I have to transcribe audio files. It also takes off any pressure that would come over me if I worked in an office setting.

Archie: Which among these transcription work most appeal to your interest: Medical, General (Business, podcasts, interviews), or Legal Transcription.

Ta’aaj: General.

Archie: What, for you, is the most important characteristic or quality to become an effective and productive transcriptionist?

Ta’aaj: The ability to listen well and have excellent grammar.

Archie: Being a newbie transcriptionist, what do you think is the best advice you can give to people who are interested to enter this field?

Ta’aaj: If you’re interested in this field or any other field, then go for it. I promise it’s worth it.