The Need to Do the Transcriptionist Computer Desk Exercises

This computer desk exercises image is widely available on the Internet. It is not unusual anymore seeing office workers or particularly us transcriptionist doing these exercises. Doing your work as the medical transcriptionist, computer desk exercises are a must do. Any type of stretching exercises can give significant benefits when done properly.

Many times I find these exercises beneficial whenever there are days when there are so many audio dictations to transcribe. There are days that you as a medical transcriptionist need to transcribe a total of 60 minutes dictation in one shift or eight hours of work.
I particularly experience transcribing medical dictations in the office where the audio files keep on coming even if I and my co-employees already finished the quota. You still need to increase your daily productivity even if you feel stressed. In these times, I almost forgot to do simple stretching so, after few days of like this, my body feels like stiff and tensed especially my back and arms.
I suggest that every medical transcriptionist must do these computer desk exercises. You can also devise your own exercises for the reason that sitting in front of your computer for very long periods of time often results to shoulder and neck pain or stiffness and may time some occasional lower back pain.
Do these computer desk exercises every hour or so during the day, or at whatever time you feel pain or stiffness. Also, you may opt to get up and walk around the office or consume your 15 minute-break as scheduled. Whenever you feel like having to stretch, just stand up and take a quick stretch. You’ll feel better and ready to transcribe more audio dictation.