Medical Transcription Accuracy – Essential Facts

Near 100% accuracy is very vital when you are work as a medical transcriptionist. It is a critical job because you’re not just translating your medical dictation into text documents. You’re accountable for transcribing health care records of patients, and these reports must be protected as per HIPAA. It provides a source or a baseline for patient’s advancement on treatments in a hospital. Committing errors in your transcription means you’re putting at risk the patient’s health, and it may lead to any grave situation or even death.

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As a medical transcriptionist, your primary objective is to guarantee the patient’s medical reports are transcribed accurately as per your doctor’s recorded dictation. You must follow the guidelines being set for transcribing medical records. You must also update your knowledge and practices in transcription all types of specialties. We are not just handling and transcribing medical record s then submit all these to our client doctors.

In order for you to realize the almost 100% medical transcription accuracy, you must first and foremost become familiar and understand all medical terminologies, jargons, and abbreviations. A medical transcriptionist must have a very good hearing acuity and command skills. If you can type more than 50 wpm, then that’s much better, but typing very fast may tend you to make some errors, so be very careful when typing too fast.

As long as you know your responsibilities as a medical transcriptionist, you can attain the highest possible accuracy. You must also love your work and have the enthusiasm.