Career Growth as Voice Transcriptionist – Being a Shift Manager

voice transcription
Is there really a career growth working in voice transcription? I had a chance interviewing a shift manager for a US based transcription company. At that time, he was working on weekends in transcription provider of recovery database network. He was basically editing voice transcription.

Back in May 2006, he was invited to take a vacation by a friend who was then a shift manager for a data company in US. He was encouraged to try voice transcription. A day after, he applied as a trainee. After two weeks, he was employed as a part time home based transcriptionist. In June 2007, he was then promoted to shift manager.

Given a chance, he would like to work as home based voice transcriptionist because he wanted to maximize the use of his Internet service. It is also more convenient working home based than commuting to and from to work.

He prefers to do general voice transcription. He has been doing business transcription for four years at that time.

He states that to become an effective transcriptionist, one must have a keen eye for details.

The advice he can give to aspiring transcriptionist is to be willing to learn and be trained. Exercise common sense at all times. Be disciplined, work independently and meet deadlines. Give your best at all times for a good quality transcription.