Medical, General, Legal Transcription – Which One?

yahoo answers legal transcription

I asked this question to Yahoo Answers, and this is the only answer I get.

In medical transcription, you are transcribing reports for healthcare professionals particularly doctors, depending on conditions. The hard part will be, for instance, if you do clinic account it will be easy because more than five doctors can be the assigned to you. Style Guide is also simple in doing medical transcription and adapting with doctors is also relaxed. In a hospital setting, you should have lot of experience to do those voice files.

General transcription is an extremely tough work when you compare with medical transcription. Why? Because in medical transcription, if a patient comes with a specific disease, the file will be discussed regarding that disease only. In general transcription, the dictators or doctors speakers can use a number of relations. There is also fast dictation and in some voice files more than one speakers will be there in one voice file. There is a large chance of misperception.

In legal transcription, you have to transcribe for lawyers and most of the voice files aren’t easy. There is no volume of work assurance in this field.