A mother who wants to be productive by starting a career as transcriptionist

Transcriptionists careerWelcome to The Transcriptionists’ Profiles, a series of interviews with people who are working as transcriptionists. My name is Archie, the author/administrator of Transcriptionist Hub. In this article, I will feature my interview with Marian.
Welcome Marian to the interview. Thank you for taking interest of this opportunity.
Marian: Thank you
Archie: To start, can you please tell me your current designation or level as a transcriptionist? (e.g. senior MT)? What is your location? Where are you presently connected?
Marian: I do not have an experience as a Transcriptionist, but I have worked as Legal Secretary for 7 years. My typing skills would be an advantage to the this position. I am residing in Pasay City .
Archie: How long have you been working as a transcriptionist? How did you start in this profession? What are the factors that prompted you to pursue a career in this field?
Marian: Like I have mentioned earlier, I do not have an experience as a Transcriptionist but I am willing to be trained to become one.
Archie: Which do you prefer: to work home based or in an office setting? Please explain briefly
Marian: I wish to work home based since I am also doing business at home.
Archie: Which among these transcription work most appeal to your interest: Medical, General (Business, podcasts, interviews), or Legal Transcription.
Marian: Legal Transription , Business and also interviews.
Archie: What, for you, is the most important characteristic or quality to become an effective and productive transcriptionist?
Marian: My patience, interests and love for whatever I do would be my important qualities to become a productive transcriptionist.
Archie: Being a seasoned transcriptionist, what do you think is the best advice you can give to people who are interested to enter this field?
Marian: My advice is not as a seasoned transcriptionist but as a mother who wants to be productive and to be of help to her family despite her age. Age and status should not be a hindrance for us to learn and earn.
Archie: Thank you for your time.

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