Blog Contributors are now welcome in Transcriptionists Hub

Transcriptionist Hub now accepts blog contributions.

If you have any story about you being a transcriptionist of a writer that you want to contribute, feel free to share it here. However, terms and conditions must apply:

Terms and Conditions:

1.  Submit your story not previously published in any other web sites. The contributions must not violate any copyright laws.

2.  Content should only be 300 words or less (approximately half page of a Word document). Click here for sample story.

3.  Contributions must be about your PERSONAL STORY discussing topics like transcription, bloging/writing, food/ health/ wellness and or travel/photography.

4.  An image can be inserted by the administrator or you can provide a raw image (taken by an amateur camera or an image not previously published from any other sites).

5.  The contributions will be published in Transcriptionist Hub with recognition mentioning your contact information and a brief profile background (optional).

6.  Any story contributed here is freely submitted at no costs.


If you agree on the above terms and conditions, feel free to send your story now.

Your contact information (optional): [your website, blogsite or social networking websites. Your Email address will not be published]

Brief profile background (optional): [Sample: Contributor ABC is a medical transcritpionist and a nurse by profession.  He is currently into blogging and home-based transcription] [Or anything you want to tell about yourself].