i-Yuno Media Group is present in 7 countries in the world, mostly in Asia and now seeking to expand their business in Philippines. As a company in the media sector, i-Yuno Media Group is in need of talented transcriptionists and captioners in Philippines.

Media Group Transcription

Transcription Company website: www.transcriptionisthub.com

About the company: i-Yuno Media Group is a dynamic and fastest-growing media localization company in Asia, located in Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and USA. We work with global TV networks such as Discovery, Disney, HBO, Sony and many more.

Services provided: Captions (Television, Internet, Mobile, Live Captioning), Subtitles in 45 languages, Dubbing, Hardware/Software for captioning and subtitling services.

Contact information: Gordon S. Rudd, 3973 Hiney Road, Las Vegas, NV 89102.

Other details: We are currently seeking highly-motivated and talented individuals who share the same vision with us, to BRING THE FUN CLOSER to people all around the world. Join our team, be core members of our Philippines branch and grow with us!


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