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There’s No Way But Up to Become an Audio Transcriptionist

For every job seeker, of course, experience is such a great plus to a resume, but as for me, experience-wise, I had none. When I first stepped the realm of transcription, medical at that, the basic thing I knew that would somehow relate me to the job was that it’s an encoding sort of thing. I had not undergone a short-term transcription course as most of the batch did in the company where I became part of as production team; although, before the real work, we had a two-month training. Before

Become an Audio Transcriptionist for Career Diversity

In this article, I will feature my interview with Karla. She has no current experience as audio transcriptionist but she wants to have a career diversity. From the time of this writing, she is a Customer Support Professional employee in a BPO company for a year or more. She is currently located in San Juan City, Metro Manila in the Philippines. Karla states, "I honestly do not have an experience of being a transcriptionist but I really want to have a career diversity. For me, I have the edge to
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5 Useful Tips to Budding Writers

Writing is indeed an enjoyable task, which relaxes and soothes the mind and nourishes the soul. However it does take a great deal of efforts, dedication, patience and perseverance to excel in this field and provide genuine, quality and appreciative writing, no matter what the domain is all about. While each writer does evolve, sustain and perpetrate his or her own style of writing, a few tips could indeed be offered that could be of some use to budding writers. These tips need not be taken as
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How to Increase Daily Productivity in Audio Transcription

A productive audio transcriptionist is being measured by the amount of audio files transcribed. This will reflect in your earnings if you are doing home-based transcription or in your performance appraisal if you're working as an office based-transcriptionist. There are various ways on how to increase one's productivity and here are a few of them. First of all, you have to listen very carefully to the audio or speaker's voice that you need to transcribe. Because listening is the best part of
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The Crawl of a Newbie Article Writer to the Online World

It was almost six years ago when I started looking for online jobs so that I can earn a little extra money and buy some stuffs I want and need. I was being influenced by my sister who was working for a blogsite that time. She was writing tons of articles every day to maintain the content of the site. After a month, I saw her earnings and right there on, I was motivated to find a job too. Finding a client was tough, though. I am still a newbie and still wandering the corners of online jobs. After

Training Hones Your Skills as Medical Transcriptionist

Once again we welcome you to The Transcriptionists’ Profiles, a series of interviews with people who are working as transcriptionists. Today, we have Rachelle who started to become a medical transcriptionist in December 2012.  She is from Las Pinas City, Philippines. Rachelle attained her training from American Academy of Medical Transcription in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.  The school is accredited by TESDA or Technical Education and Skills Development Authority - a Philippine government
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5 Jobs a Writer can do Home-Based Online

There are several reasons that compel a person to flinch a home-based business. First, there are multiple companies that are phasing off jobs with high salaries due to the recent economic crisis and instead of waiting for a job opportunity in a renowned company; many career aficionados prefer self-employment as their source of income. Selecting a home-based job that fits your criteria is an easy task to tackle because you know who you are and what you want to do in life. Plus, acquiring the skills
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Do You Have These Qualities of a Medical Transcriptionist Editor

To become a medical transcriptionist editor, you should have years of experience, exposed to different accounts and physician's voice.  Most importantly an in-depth, extensive knowledge of medical terminologies and specialities is a must.  The practices and skills in Word processing, spelling, and proofreading to be able to produce reports that are accurate and complete is also required.  You must have excellent English writing skills including grammar, specifications, structure, style, and spelling.
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Getting Hired in a Medical Transcription Company

Series of exams, test files, interviews - endless it seems until you finally have a chance to be a medical transcriptionists in a medical transcription company.  After so much determination to get hired for a job, you then succeed.  Your career adventure as a medical transcriptionists starts from your training to getting hired in a stable company that can make a valuable contribution in your career growth and development. There may be instances that working for a newly established company
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Audio Transcribing? Go Freelance!

There are professionals that talk better than they can write which is why audio transcribers exist to finish the job. Audio transcription is the act of listing to footage and writing down what you hear word per word. Audio transcribing help people turn their own words into something concrete. The World of Audio Transcribing These days, professional audio transcribing remains in demand in many specialized fields such as in the corporate, legal and medical world. However, freelance transcribers