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The Need to Do the Transcriptionist Computer Desk Exercises

This computer desk exercises image is widely available in the Internet.  It is not unusual anymore seeing office workers or particularly us transcriptionist doing these exercises.  Doing your work as medical transcriptionist, computer desk exercises are a must do.  Any type of stretching exercises can give significant benefits when done properly. Many times I find these exercises beneficial whenever there are days when there are so much audio dictations to transcribe.  There are days that
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Rendering Quality Services in Transcription

Here we have an interview with Shekinah way back in June 2013.  I am not sure at this time if GlobalQuest BPO Specialists, Inc. still has transcription services. Shekinah is senior medical transcriptionist (MT )at GlobalQuest BPO Specialists, Inc. at that time.  The company is located at Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines.  She stated that she did not dream of becoming a transcriptionist when asked how she started becoming a transcriptionist.  But based on her friends’ experience, she
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Transcription Foot Pedal – NCH Swift Sound

Almost all audio transcriptionists use a foot pedal.  It is definitely an added advantage to transcribe faster.  It can be considered as your best friend; a foot pedal is almost a necessity. If you want to start a career in home-based audio transcription, one major equipment you must make sure to get is the foot pedal. If you are using ExpressScribe, for sure you have seen the foot pedal from NCH Swift Sound.  I find it very useful and the one I purchased only cost me $112.40 including
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Basic Mix of Equipment and Skills for Fast and Accurate Transcription

Same as the other professional jobs, transcribing is also one of the critical works, as it requires high quality of skills and modern equipments to reach the expected excellent results.  It includes various types of equipments and skills in order to come up with fast and accurate transcription.  As we are already living in a high-technology world, recordings are in the form of different digital formats, which makes it much easier to send files, process them in variety of transcription software. In

The Ability to Listen Well and Have Excellent Grammar

It has been my pleasure of featuring professionals who work home based as audio transcriptionist. I am surprised receiving this email from our interview page here in our blog. But yes, time after time, I receive replies and answers from my interview questionnaire. I am a bit occupied now with my office work as medical transcriptionist, that is why the posts here are not that frequent. Below is the complete transcript. Welcome Ta’aaj to the interview. Thank you for taking interest of this
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Are you a productive medical transcriptionist?

To become a productive medical transcriptionist, one must have determination to succeed.  Moreover, the primary characteristic should be your dedication toward work. First and foremost, the best quality to become a productive medical transcriptionist is attaining a good attitude towards work.  In so doing, you can be able to start your work on the right track and become successful in achieving your goals thus attaining what you want.  An excellent medical transcriptionist must acquire dedication. 
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Highly Required Expertise of an Audio Transcriptionist

One of the emerging home-based jobs now in the World Wide Web is transcribing. Many people are currently working as transcriptionist, either part-time or full-time. Home-based job transcription is not an easy job as the same with the others. It also requires competitive skills that would define its quality. On the first hand, before we breakdown transcriptionist skills, let us clearly determine what a transcriptionist is doing. Transcription is a crucial method by which a certain material, oftentimes
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Extraordinary Transcription Services Provided by Online Companies

Many are already switching from office work to work from home because of the many advantages it can offer. First, it lets you save almost half of your salary. Unlike with when you do office work, that half is spent on transportation expenses and food. Second, you work without feeling heavily pressured by your co-workers, supervisors, deadlines and etc. When you work from home, of course, the slight pressure of meeting the deadline is inevitable. And lastly, with those who have kids, they can devote
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Continuous Learning

One major thing you will experience on working as an audio transcriptionist is you gain new knowledge.  Specifically, if you are a medical transcriptionist, you tend to learn more new medical terminologies and jargons, as well as emerging techniques being done by doctors to their patients.
It is indeed medical transcription is a continuous learning. You always here this being said by medical transcription professionals.



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There’s No Way But Up to Become an Audio Transcriptionist

For every job seeker, of course, experience is such a great plus to a resume, but as for me, experience-wise, I had none. When I first stepped the realm of transcription, medical at that, the basic thing I knew that would somehow relate me to the job was that it’s an encoding sort of thing. I had not undergone a short-term transcription course as most of the batch did in the company where I became part of as production team; although, before the real work, we had a two-month training. Before