A Student Doing Home Based Audio Transcription

home based audio transcriptionHere at The Transcriptionists Profiles, a series of interviews with people who are working as transcriptionists, we feature all individuals who have somewhat inclination with doing audio transcription.  A student for example is another person who can work as audio transcriptionist.

I once interviewed this first year law student at Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan.  She was a former Business Transcriber and had transcribed a multitude of audio and video files ranging from business conferences to movies.  At that time, she resigned from her job to concentrate on her studies.

She just used the best skills that she has and went for the job that best suited what she got. Since typing and listening is one of her strongest factors, she went with transcribing since it also pays well and not to mention lets you gain some insights from others in the outside world. She immediately applied when a job posting for a transcriptionist was posted and worked there for 6 months before resigning.

She had been doing home based job since it lets her earn some income without necessarily sacrificing her study time. Home based jobs also allows us the ability to let work at your own pace without your boss constantly breathing behind your back and berating you for your every move. But let’s face it, office jobs is where the money is at so going for the corporate world would also make sense if you really want to earn decent living.

She prefers General and Legal Transcriptions as it doesn’t necessarily require you have to have all the technical terms at your disposable to make transcription possible. With Medical Transcription, you’ve got to be a walking medical dictionary and a keen sixth sense to be able to get the terms right. With General and Legal Transcription, you can just type away.

Simple really, you’ve got to have the determination to better yourself. It won’t matter what job it is because if you’ve got no determination to learn and push yourself to better standards, your productivity will always be mediocre and low-tier.

Hard-work, patience and determination is the best advice she gives to aspiring transcriptionist. These three factors will help you in achieving whatever goals you may want to reach. You may fall down but you can immediately go back up and learn from your mistakes. Quitters would give up but winners stay on the course until the end.