Transcription Service Rate

We offer Best and High-Quality Transcription Services at low cost.

Transcription rate starts from

Clean transcription (without um’s and aah’s)$ 1.00 per minute
Verbatim transcription (with um’s and aah’s)$ 1.50 per minute
Time stamping / Time coding (30 seconds to 5 minutes)$ 0.25 per minute
Speaker Name identification (5+speakers)$ 0.50 per minute
Speaker change$ 0.50 per minute

Legal audio or video transcription

Without index and case summary$ 2.50 per minute
With index and case summary$ 4.00 per minute

Minimum order cost

Audio or Video transcription (up to 15 minutes)$ 25.00 per minute

Language Transcription:

  • Source Language to Source Language
  • Source Language to Target Language

Note :

Minimum order cost for English to English Transcription – $15
Minimum order cost for Language Transcription – $40

We also offer audio transcription, legal transcription, video transcription, translation transcription, digital transcription, voice transcription, business transcription and verbatim transcription.

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